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You can buy pot seeds like grand daddy purple by visiting the shop. First mistake I was not getting the right soil. My supply store didn't have Miracle Grow potting soil so I grabbed what I thought was ok but it was a mix that is used to blend with other soils and had no nutrients. The plants grew up with weak stems and they were falling over. I tried planting them deeper and must have disturbed the roots and they all died! I still have more seeds and I will try again being careful not to make the same mistakes!

I've ordered GDP weed seeds and purchased seeds from Robert several times and I've always been very satisfied.....quality seeds lead to quality **** and at 62 I know quality when I smoke it. I've had several strains and Grand Daddy Purple is one of my has a floral taste and the high is relaxing and calming. Another one of my favorites is Chronic Widow....the buds turn purple and so sticky! I was very surprised on how quickly my package got here and how fast they sprouted. They are growing good and soon will be transplanted outdoors.

The shipping took about a week and a half. First and second time growing this EVER in my life. Didn't do much training the first time around but second time topped once, LST'd, super cropped, and scrounged. Much better yield and quality of flower. I had good luck with the last seeds I bought so I ordered the Grand Daddy Purple. Haven't tried them yet but expect good results. Novice grower. I'm looking forward to the Critical Mass and Northern Lights I ordered which I also received in a timely manner.

I'm pretty sure both orders took the exact same amount of days from order to being delivered. Very consistent. I look forward to ordering more in the future. Easy order through the website. Arrived in less than two weeks. All seeds look robust. Great deal on the Grand Daddy Purple seeds (buy 10 get 10 free), I have germinated and started to grow four Skywalker.

I had a big demand for that strain. They are doing nicely. Will be starting 5 Grand Daddy Purple in early June when current plants are harvested. I will buy from you guys again. Hello I got on my first order 5 grand daddy purple or GDP is 5 mango and 5 LSD I planted three of each and all but one mango came up they look great doing real good happy with the ones that came up hope all the rest do good.

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