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Bubba kush pot seeds are an indica and can be yours today. We have low prices on bubba kush pot seeds for sale. So why not get one of the most known strains of pot seeds? Once fully grown you will be impressed with its beautiful trichomes. This high THC strain will have you felling slump in its powerful indica buzz. Mostly known to treat pain and stress. When hit with the aroma of bubba kush pot seeds after they flower, you can smell strong kush with a hint of pines and a sweet undertone. It is a very delicious strain for many to love. If you're looking for a percent of THC with this one it is around the 20% range. Usually, strains hang around the 15%-16%. The buzz can also give you somewhat of a euphoric feeling that can help many with bad moods. It can even give you that creative boost you have been looking for. No wonder so many people love bubba kush pot seeds.

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