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Blue dream weed seeds are a cornerstone for strains. Find blue dream weed seeds for sale that are really at low prices! Its hard to find quality seeds we know. That is why we have brought you the best pot seeds available to the internet. Thousands of medical patients come here every few months to resupply on blue dream pot seeds. This strain is a sativa mostly having you in an energetic mood with a boost of creativity. Its indica comes from a cross of blueberry giving a nice mellow body buzz. Get some a try today so you can experience the joy of blue dream weed seeds. Those wondering about this strains aroma will find it to have a hint of berry to its odor. Many will love this one just for the smell.

A friend who has grown before has the blue dream seeds. So far only two have sprouted and started to grow. The seeds are under a grow light. I was hoping for at least three or four plants to sprout. This is my first time purchasing but if these two give a decent yield I'll definitely order again. Delivery time was decent especially since I didnít know for sure where they were shipped from. I believe it was under two weeks. I'm just happy this site exists! Thank you!

Package arrived in 8 days - quicker than I expected! On Monday afternoon I put 10 blue dream seeds in a paper towel on a saucer - covered it with a 2nd saucer to a dark warm place. Tuesday afternoon I checked - still moist - I took the top saucer and heated it on high in microwave for 1.25 minutes - back to cover and on Wens I had nice tails - into the peat keeping moist but not saturated. 8 of 10 seeds took and I have soldiers with caps and without. Once the first set of leaves are established I will transfer to the 8 five gallon pots set up with aeration systems.

Delivery time was excellent. I soaked 2 in water for 24hrs. put them in the dirt the next day and 3 days later both sprouted. I had a little problem with a nitrogen deficiency which I learned on your website how to fix, and they are growing great now. All your services are great.

Out of twenty, thirteen sprouted and are growing good. Pre-soaked ten in water the other in damp washcloth twenty fours hrs. For both. I didn't mark planning containers which blue dream seed came from. Next time I will. Using the damp washcloth is how we used to check our seed wheat for germination.

I've got beautiful seedlings. Looking forward to the coming months of growing and curing. Delivery time was very impressive. My first purchase took about 20 days to arrive. This most recent one only took 5 days. I also have to mention how much I appreciate the available service. It's frustrating to live where marijuana is legal, but blue dream seeds are hard to come by. Probably wouldn't be growing without you guys!

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