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Banana Kush pot seeds are exotic and flavorful. These Banana Kush pot seeds for sale are some of the best you can find. Strains like this have a nice fruity aroma that everybody loves. Another smell like most would guess is Banana Kush weed seeds do smell like bananas once grown. If you don't believe us you will just have to see for your self. The feeling of this strain is both energetic and body numbing. Get almost instant pain relief from this indica dominant cannabis seed. Want to find out more about this exotic strain of pot seeds? Just keep scrolling and you will keep knowing!

Question: Why are they called Banana Kush pot seeds?

Answer: One reason for its name is its fruity banana smell plus taste.

Question: What is the indica to sativa ratio?

Answer: This strain is bred to have around 60% indica and 40% sativa.

Benefits from Banana Kush weed seeds do not lack. Many patients have turned to grow pot seeds to help them medically. There are so many mental problems it can tame! One way it can help is in reducing stress. Treating stress can help your overall health immensely. Not to mention all the other stuff banana kush seeds can help with. Anxiety, depression loss of creativity are all others mental issues you can push away.

  1. Timmy2018-11-15 00:14:57

    Wow! I can't believe these pot seeds really smell fruity!

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