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Are You Making These Rookie Mistakes in Germinating Marijuana Seeds?
Beginners most often make mistakes because, well, they're rookies. While that's understandable, it can be avoidable.
Germinating marijuana seeds is considered to be an easy phase in the entire cannabis growth cycle. Although this could be true, it is not an assurance that beginners will go through it smoothly.
Here is a round-up of common beginner mistakes beginner rookie growers commit while germinating marijuana seeds:
Telling People
Telling others feeds our egos. When other people listen to what we have to say, we feel important.
Why is it a mistake in this case? Telling other people, even just one good friend, breaks the golden rule of marijuana seeds. Once we tell someone, we can't get that information back. What's worse is that we don't have any control over what that person will do with the information.
Good if they keep it secret, but what happens when they tell others, too? Imagine if they tell the authorities, we could end up in jail. They or someone else they tell the info to could also feel jealous. Fights could happen, seeds stolen, or seedlings destroyed.
So, in this case, it would be best for rookie growers to curb the urge to tell anyone. In this way, they can protect not only their grow rooms but also themselves.
Using Unknown Seeds
In general, genetics dictate the quality of the germinated marijuana seeds. Of course, the environment and growing conditions play important roles, too, but not as much as a seed's genes.
Using unknown marijuana seeds can be very risky. These seeds could end up as hermaphrodites. Because of the risk of possible disappointment with the end result, it is recommended that rookie growers get their seeds from reputable seed banks or dispensary.
Too Dry/Wet Marijuana Seeds
To germinate properly, marijuana seeds need just the right amount of water in them. Any excess water and the seeds will have hard time getting oxygen. Too little water will dry the seeds out.
The soil's water content should also be just right. Too much water in the soil could lead to fungal diseases. Too little water in the soil would make it dry, a condition known as soil desiccation. Marijuana seeds will have hard time getting water from parched soil leading to their stunted growth.
Too Hot/Cold Temperature
The ideal temperature to marijuana seeds is between 22 to 27 C. Too high temperature will result in dry soil and/or damaged seeds. Too low temperature can slow down the germination process, make it uneven, or stop it completely. Too cold temperatures also make the seeds prone to fungal growth such as pythium and fusarium that causes rotting of the seed and roots.
Too Loose/Firm Soil
Soil condition also affects how fast marijuana seeds germinate, if at all. Too loose soil allows too much air in and cannot hold enough water, which results in dry soil. Too firm soil has too little oxygen and will hold too much water that could drown the seeds.
Exposing Marijuana Seeds to Light
During germination, marijuana seeds do not need any light. Exposing seeds to light actually slows down the germination process.
Seeds should be kept in the dark for hormonal process to begin. With the appropriate temperature and humidity, root and a set of leaves should sprout soon enough. Once they do, this is the time for marijuana growers to expose the seedlings to light.

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